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Using Party Candles To Set A Festive Stage

When creating a beautiful scene for a big gathering or intimate event is desired, party candles can make the grade. From the dining room to the patio and even the bathroom, ‘party candles‘ (which is also known as ‘Partykerzen‘ in the German language) create a festive atmosphere that can dazzle guests and keep them wondering when the next invitation will come.

To set a stage with party candles that include the entire party area, there are a few strategic places to consider illuminating. Some of the best places to place pillars, protected votives and even a taper or two include:


· The dining tables. Even if the event is a cocktail party, be certain to have a few party candles in the serving area. This sets a classy tone and can make the table look absolutely incredible. Also consider putting single, well-encased party candles on individual tables if the event is taking place outdoors.

· Kitchen. The kitchen is an ideal place to put scented party candles. Add to the party atmosphere with vanilla or apple candles or other similar creations. The flickering lights can also make this room look spectacular.

· Living areas. Disburse lit party candles throughout a living room, in the hall and even in a family room. Just make sure to select party candles that are not likely to tip over and that contain both the flames and the wax. This is not a good location for taper candles, even if they are in beautiful candle holders. Floating candles on a coffee table also add a stunning touch.