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Various Implant Options For Replacing Missing Teeth

Tooth loss can be incredibly painful. The loss of a tooth can cause neighboring teeth to shift or tip over into the space left by the missing tooth. This can cause chewing difficulties and have an impact not only on your dental health but also on the beauty of your smile. Teeth can be lost due to a variety of factors such as accidents, traumas, dental cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease.

There are several implant options for replacing teeth, and you can get a new tooth that matches the color of your existing teeth. Your dentist will work with you to choose the best treatment option for you.

What are the Different Types of Dental Implants? - South Gables Dental

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Dentures are one of the most cost-effective ways to replace missing teeth. Dentures are removable artificial teeth that are attached to metal or plastic frameworks. Dentures can be either full or partial.

Partial dentures can be made to replace one or more missing teeth. To replace all missing teeth on the lower or upper jaw, full dentures are required. Because it takes time to acclimatize to dentures, you may experience some discomfort at first.

Bridges are recommended when only two or three teeth have been replaced. Natural teeth on opposing sides of the missing tooth can be utilized to support an artificial tooth between them in this operation.

Natural teeth must be modified to accommodate crowns that support them. Bridges are made of porcelain or steel. After examining your case, your dentist will suggest you acquire an adjustable or fixed bridge.

Dental implants are the most successful way of replacing missing teeth. A prosthetic tooth (titanium metallic rod) is surgically placed in the jawbone during this treatment. A tooth substitute is placed on the implant to replace the missing tooth.

Implants provide no hazard to neighboring teeth, and their appearance and function are identical to natural teeth. Dental implants are a safe, dependable, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing tooth replacement option. Implants will last longer if they are properly maintained.