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What Are The Procedures Used In Video Forensics

There is a set of procedures all forensic experts follow in order to show that their investigation and forensic work is acceptable in the scientific community. Without these standard operating procedures, courts and legal systems will get bogged down by bogus forensic experts who provide bogus information in litigation.

This article about the clarification of digital and analogue video to help ordinary people to better understand the forensic video enhancement and investigation process. There are many companies such as Cognitech Inc that provide video forensic software that helps the experts to solve the investigation efficiently.

video forensics software

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Many videotapes handed to forensic experts for forensic examination. More often than not, the recording quality is sub-optimal. Operator error or poor equipment often contributes to a poor quality video.

Basically, video clarification is a process used to overcome the video in ideal conditions to produce honed and enhanced video product

Components are customized and adjusted, so as to give a clear sharp image. Once the video has been loaded into computers, they then can adjust the colour tints gamma and intensity, the ratio of black to white to grey, chroma, and other video attributes, plus voice-quality attributes.

Note that there are no measures that clarification video used by an expert forensic video that will cause damage to the original recording. Maintaining the integrity of original video footage, of course, very important.

Using original video footage in all the litigation is important because the original has better quality than copies. The original document has established a chain of custody that is required to use the courts is not a copy. Although the copy shows the same image, the information contained in the video footage will never be as valuable as the original.