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What is Digital Marketing?

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Digital marketing is the form of marketing that uses digital platform by companies in order to promote their line of products and services. Traditional marketing was the only way of marketing for companies that allowed companies to showcase their products and services. However, being expensive was the biggest problem of this form of marketing making it difficult for small businesses or companies when it came to promotion. Due to this very reason exists digital marketing which is cheaper and affordable especially for newly-based companies. Let’s dig into digital marketing to understand more.

  1. SEO – SEO or Search Engine Optimization is considered to be one of the powerful and popular tools of digital marketing. It is the tool that uses search engine platforms like Google, Yahoo to help websites rank in the top results for viewers.
  2. Email Marketing – Next in line is email marketing which is another powerful and popular tool of digital marketing. Email marketing is the art of sending product and service information over the email address of customers in the form of emails.
  3. PPC – PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising is used for promotion of business and services on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc.
  4. Content Optimization – Content optimization is all about offering viewers useful information over the website in the form of blogs. Content needs to be informative for viewers to ensure they stay with the website and don’t turn their back on another website. Apart from blog, content optimization can also be in the form of videos whenever required.

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