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What Is Intermodal Freight Transportation?

Intermodal freight transportation is the transport of cargo in an intermodal container or vehicle with the help of multiple modes of transportation. Truck, ship, rail, flight, etc. are the modes of intermodal transportation and in them; you will not handle any sort of freight when changing the modes. In freight transportation, containers are the main type of equipment used. And you know very well that containers are very wide and tall. And to handle those big containers there are things like transtainers, straddle carriers, grapple lifters, reach stackers, and swap bodies. If you need to find the best service then you can choose lotus. 

As I told you above the freight is done by the different modes of transportation like a truck, ship, rail, flight, etc. There are different types of products and goods shipped through freight services. Such as automobiles, bulk cargo like salt, oil, scrap metal, and household material such as furniture. Other things like envelopes, mail, food and raw materials are all things that can be shipped through freight transportation. If you are able to understand what freight transportation is and what service they offer then you will the opportunity to receive the low price shipping in the moving of goods and raw materials in today’s economy.