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Why Skip Bin Is Better Than Skip Bag

Many sizes and types of skip bins are available in Ipswich. They range from 2m3 skip containers to 6m3 skip bins. In recent years, however, a new method of managing waste has emerged: skip bags.

You will be offered a variety of sizes when you hire a skip container. A 2m3 skip can be used for small-scale cleanups. Larger skip bins are best for large-scale waste management on large construction sites and large household clean-ups. You can also look for the best bins for appoint in Ipswich online.

Skip bins are made of solid steel and also means that they’re easy to load. However, skip bags are often made of woven material, which can present many problems when you’re disposing of waste in them.

Firstly, the woven material is susceptible to tearing, which means that you have to be careful of what you dispose of and how you dispose of things, which greatly reduces the value of a skip bag in your clean-up. 

Secondly, as the woven material isn’t solid like steel, skip bags require reinforcement to be loaded, such as having someone or something there to hold the bag open as you load it.

Many skip bag hires companies will refuse to collect the bag or not be able to access it, if not close to the front of your property.