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Why You Need a Root Canal in Portland

A root canal treatment or therapy is a procedure wherein the pulp of the tooth is removed, cleaned for any abscess residue, disinfected and filled with composite filling.

This is usually used to save a tooth from being extracted. It is more often performed for cosmetic reasons. The tooth can no longer be felt because it is dead. It will eventually become brittle and darken much like a dead fingernail. After a few weeks, or months, it will need a jacket to keep it in place. You can find out the best root canal treatment in Portland to get the right service.

The treatment is recommended for many reasons. The dentist might recommend root canals instead of traditional extractions (in which the tooth is removed from your gums). Root canals can be costly and should only be used on the teeth that are absolutely necessary. 

Before any procedure can begin, your dentist will ask you for an x-ray. Before you give the x-ray to the dentist, make sure to take it to other dentists so they can help you decide if the root canal is necessary.

Radiographs of the tooth showing a slowly degenerating tooth, a pimple that persists on a predetermined area of your gums, a head injury that could have caused your jaws to become more rigid and thereby impacting a tooth, or a tooth nerve that has been exposed over time are all possible causes of root canal.